My years as a silversmith came somewhat by accident but my love of jewelry and craft have been lifelong. As an adult I have worked many jobs which have leant me the dexterity and mindset necessary to be successful in creating with metal. I worked a decade as a car mechanic, many years in the floral industry as a designer and presently I appraise jewelry as a graduate gemologist. I have also worked as a life coach.

I was a spiritual seeker since childhood, raised in numerous Protestant denominational churches from Methodist to contemporary Christian. But my curiousity for the occult runs deep, having experienced many psychic phenomenon throughout my life. I ventured through many paths over the years both secular and religious. I had a deep love of astrology, the natural world and how these things tie themselves to spirit.

If you were to have asked my mother in her living years what the moon means to me, she would tell you about a story from when I was a toddler, that she and I would go outside on our ranch in the badlands where there was no light pollution and we would find the moon together. She would tell me it was the Cheshire cat smiling down on us. Or I would tell her that it was a sliver of a moon if I found it first. She didn't know at that age where I learned the word sliver. Later in life she would continually remind me of this story anytime we saw the moon together. She was a Cancer, by the way whose planetary ruler is the moon. As a rebellious teen and heavily curious about the occult, I would get a tattoo of a lunar seal from Agrippa's 3 Books.

After my mother's death, in years of arduous shadow work uncovering a repressed childhood memory of violation, buried beneath years of emotional neglect, I would learn my truth of the Moon. The culmination of my fascination with the occult would glean an understanding that I were descended from many generations of family involved in Freemasonry and other fraternal societies including the Order of the Eastern Star, Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, Rebekah Lodge and Grand Army of the Republic. I also learned the origin of the moon in our family belonged to an operative stone mason whose family crest includes three crescent moons. This ancestor was my namesake's father who was a marble sculptor, his mother also bore my name. It was finding this connection which lendt understanding to the bliss I feel endeavoring to lost wax cast, because my first and favorite object to carve before learning this information, was a crescent moon.

Throughout history the crescent moon has held sway and symbolism for many, both culturally and religiously. Many of the orders my family belonged to had moon iconography. But in my digging I would learn many more interpretations of symbology from the moon being liken to divinity for its guiding light through the constellations for pilgrims following spice trade routes through the deserts of the Middle East to the moon's gravitational pull on the ocean which affects the tides. Are we not a greater portion of water physically? It seems simple to think the moon sways us as well. Through my study of occult philosophy as well as various folk traditions, faiths and religion I have come to understand a simple truth that all paths lead to one, our connection to divinity or our connection to our ancestral web. It has become my opinion that by discerning these paths we may better understand our purpose and even our truest will if we are brave enough to endeavor.