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Virgo Lunar Charm Double Ring

Virgo Lunar Charm Double Ring

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the cosmos with our Virgo Lunar Charm Double Ring. This exquisite piece is meticulously handcrafted using luxurious 999 fine silver, ensuring a look that is truly unparalleled.

Key Features:

  • Unique Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with fine silver, each ring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  • Intricate Design: Created using fabricated and lost wax casting techniques, offering a distinctive and unique design.
  • Celestial Energy: Crafted under the Virgo full moon of 2022, infusing the ring with added celestial energy.
  • Elegant Details: Weighing 4.10 grams, with a ring shank measuring 4.00 mm, and designed to fit US ring sizes 5 3/4 and 4 1/2.
  • Celestial Beauty: Adorned with a crescent moon design measuring 20.00 mm x 20.00 mm, adding a touch of celestial beauty to your look.

Virgo Zodiac Associations:

  • Chakra: Third Eye
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Botanical: Lavender
  • Element: Earth
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Tarot Trump: The Hermit
  • Crystal: Amazonite
  • Archangel: Uriel
  • Direction: North
  • Day: Wednesday

Elevate your style and embrace the mystique of the cosmos with our Virgo Lunar Charm Double Ring. Each piece is sold as a curio, adding an element of intrigue to your ensemble.

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